Bead Soup Blog Party

9:00 AM

I decided to attend a second Bead Soup Blog Party this summer. I think that Lori Anderson has done 6 of them now. Basically, you are paired with a partner. You exchange of small box of items and then each of you has to design something using what you received. Truth be told, my favorite part is not creating a design (although that part is fun too). It is actually picking out beads to send and then receiving a package of beads from my partner. This time my partner must have been on the same wave length. We both sent sets of purple beads and supplies.

My partner is Sonya Stille of Dreamin of Beads. I was so impressed by all of the handmade treats that she included, like the toggle and beaded beads. Now, I have to whittle out a little time to sit and play. Our design reveal date is August 11th. I'll be on the television program Jewel School the following week so I might even bring my design to show on air, August 15-16 10am-12pm (EST).

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