Jewelry Designer Damien Shay

9:00 AM

Designer Damien Shay has created a new jewelry line specifically for Gay Pride events.  I think that we have all been at an event of some kind where we felt like the jewelry being sold was totally sub-par. For me this subject brings about memories of breast cancer awareness events that I have attended.  Here are a few words from the designer.

I designed my jewelry because I never see high-quality "Pride" jewelry when I attend Gay Pride Festivals. There are always a ton of plastic rainbow bead necklaces which I would never consider purchasing or wearing.

I followed the colors of the gay, bear and leather flags to create my designs. They are made from high-quality materials like Soft Flex Beading Wire & Seamless Crimps, Glass Pendants by Lewis Wilson of Crystal Myths, plus metal findings, glass seed beads and varied glass and metal beads.

I have been a professional graphic designer since 1983 specializing in marketing, advertising and editorial design. My portfolio website is

You can purchase a design from Damien Shay through his etsy store: LoboRojoDesigns.

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