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Have you checked out Sara O Jewelry lately? I first wrote about SOJ last November, with the intention of updating you more frequently about my progress. Progress has been slow but steady and at this point, I think that I can start to update you on a much more regular basis. 

I had my awesome co-worker and regular SoftFlexGirl contributor Kristen Fagan create my logo. My logo is very special to me because it is based off of the wedding invitations that she also created. If you are a small business looking for freelance help with graphics, I highly recommend Kristen.

I bought my domain and set up my website through my blogger account. I really like it. It has been easy to manage and I can update everything myself. I am obviously very familiar with blogger, so it was really comfortable and easy for me to get started.  My website has tabs that include: blog, shop, events, book, in print, free project ideas, bio and contact.

I signed up for an etsy, although I have spent almost no time on my shop. I really need to dedicate some time to making my photos better and learning more about how to be a successful etsy seller. For now, it is started and I really hope to be able to work on it further in the near future.

Sara O Jewelry on Etsy

Finally, I set up my facebook page. If you have a chance, I'd love it if you would stop by and click to "like" Sara O Jewelry. It is a space to not only showcase my jewelry designs but also to share my love of fashion, color combinations and current trends. 

Goals for August:
  • Work on etsy store
  • Retake photos of finished jewelry
  • Consider local farmer/craft markets for the holidays
  • Make new jewelry
  • Renew my domain name
Longterm Goals:
  • Learn more about "Square"to take funds at a farmer/craft market
  • Talk to an accountant

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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Thanks for the shout out Sara! Good luck with your goals xoxo

  2. Your logo looks great-love it and the colors!

    Square is awesome and really easy to use; it has made a huge difference for me at craft shows! Plus it allows someone to purchase from you at any time if they don't have cash on them, ie; neighbors, friends etc. I use it with my iPad. Much easier to navigate than a phone and looks more reputable to customers who are uneasy about letting a vendor useing their sell phone to ring up a transaction!

    I am with you on the slow going Etsy shop! I haven't updated mine, sadly, in 8 months. Majority of what is left in my shop are older designs, so I would like to update it with my newer pieces. I have been so busy creating and selling for craft shows/markets and blog hops that the focus of it has dwindled. I too have added updating my Etsy shop to my goals!

    I did purchase my domain name, but have not created a page yet. Right now it links to my Etsy shop (my computer genius husband's idea) which serves as a great place holder! That too is on my "goal list"

    Best wishes to you on accomplishing your goals! You are off to a great start!

  3. I love my logo!

    I have heard a lot of really great things about Square. We have an iPad so that would work well for us.

    My biggest concern still is taxes. I feel like I need to get a real handle on how it works for a small business. I really need to find a good accountant to work with. Now is as good of a time as any since I have funds coming in from the book that I wrote too.

    Hope you can find more time for your etsy!


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