Spotlight on... Making the Best Wrapped Loop Ever by Michele Benson

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 Making the Best Wrapped Loop Ever 
by Michele Benson

An Obsessive's Guide to the Wrapped Loop!

A well-made wrapped loop is one of the most useful and common ways to make connections in jewelry work. Indeed, you will find at least one basic tutorial in almost every bead website, magazine, and book. It would seem then, given the abundance of instructions and simplicity of design, that every wrapped loop would be done with perfection, yet this is not the case. Why? Perhaps, because (for some of us), basic is just not enough, maybe not, (um) ... complicated and confusing enough!

Really, I prefer to say that some tutorials are just not detailed, thorough, and complete enough to meet my obsessive needs! I have not found one yet, so I made my own!

All silliness aside, for the beginner, this tutorial has described the wrapped loop, in detail, from start to finish. For the more experienced, who are accomplished at making the wrapped loop, but still have a question about a particular aspect in the execution of the wrapped loop, perhaps you will find the answer here!
Article - Making the Best Wrapped Loop Ever by Michele Benson
Color by Margie Deeb - Jewelry Design: The Play of Pattern by Margie Deeb
Designer - Alexandra Sydorenko
Book - Simple Beginnings: Beading by Suzann Sladcik Wilson
Local Bead Group - The Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild
Bead Seller - String Bead

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