Bead Soup Party

9:00 AM

There is an awesome new book coming out based on the Bead Soup Parties that Lori Anderson hosts. In order to jump start the launch of this book, Kalmbach is offering a Bead Soup Party of their own. You provide your name and information so they put you in a drawing to participate in the Bead Soup Party. If you are picked to participate you will receive a bag of bead soup in September. You will use the bead soup to create a one-of-a kind jewelry piece. As a Kalmbach Bead Soup Party member you are asked to create a piece and then share a photo of the piece on our facebook page. When you post the image you will be entered into a drawing for a prize. Only US addresses will be accepted.

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1 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Can't wait. I've signed up. Hoping I get picked. Looks like so much fun.


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