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12:23 PM

I say it often, but it never gets old, bead stores are the backbone of the entire beading industry. I was heart broken to hear that Beyond Beadery had their cash earnings stolen at the latest BeadFest. I hope that you will consider making a purchase from them in the next few weeks to help replace the money that was lost. Beyond Beadery is an excellent resource for seed beads and crystals. It is important to note, orders will not ship until after the Labor Day weekend. So please order something that you don't need in a rush!

This is an excellent reminder to all of us to sell at bead and craft shows. Purses, money, important items do get stolen. This is not infrequent. It happens a lot in our industry, and we all need to help each other remember to keep our eyes out for thieves and keep our important things locked up tight out of sight.

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  1. I was heartbroken to read this on FB... I had never shopped there before and I wasn't at BeadFest but I hopped right over and purchased some things. I hope that it helps them get past this crushing blow. Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Thanks Erin. Everyone can always count on your support. You are such a wonderful person! :)


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