Knitted Stretch Bracelet Idea by Kristen Fagan

11:35 AM

I recently learned how to use a knitting spool to knit Soft Flex Beading Wire. am lover of texture so, the first time I saw a knitted jewelry design I was hooked (pun intended). I am not a knitter of any kind but, challenges help me grow. It took me awhile to get the courage to try this technique. But once I got started, I realized just how simple it was. The design I'm going to share with you today is only my second attempt at creating a bracelet with the knitting spool but, it doesn't look or feel that way. That's how easy it is! 

I used Red Jasper Soft Flex Beading Wire and the 5-pin knitting spool to knit 6 1/4" length of knitted wire using Style 1 in the instructions for How to use the knitting spool (this is also the basic instructions that come with each spool). I left 2" of wire at the beginning of the knitted wire and secured the end with a bead stopper. Once my wire was knitted, I choose a selection of colors of 4mm round beads for inside the knitted wire cage. I dropped the beads in the order I wanted through the knitted cage unstrung and cut the wire from the end of the spool, leaving a 2" tail.

I stopped my beads about 3/4" from the each end because my wire wrapped cone covers the ends. Note: You can use a cone finding instead of making your own. If you use a cone finding you will need to pull your wire through the cone and then crimp. For my design, I crimped and then created the cone.

Using 2x2mm copper crimp tubes I crimped each end of the wire around a 4mm antiqued copper jump ring right up to knitted wire cage and closed a 3mm copper crimp cover around each crimp tube.

For my "messy" wire wrapped cones I used 20 gauge non-tarnish copper Craft Wire (although antique copper would have looked great too). I cut a long length of craft wire, strung one end through the knitted cage near the crimp and wrapped it tightly to secure it. Then I continued to wrap down the knitted wire cage until I got the cone to my the desired size and thickness. This uses more wire then you would think so, either cut an extra long piece of wire or work off the spool and cut when done. Tuck in the end of the wire. Now repeat on the other side.

Because I dropped the beads into the knitted cage instead of stringing them, the finished design stretches around my wrist. I decided not to use a clasp and instead I connected the two jump rings on each end. I then added a small copper "believe" charm and copper colored rondelle to pretty it up. I checked my finished design and it stretches up to 8 1/4" and then springs back for perfect to fit over any wrist!

Our 2012 Flex Your Creativity Beading Contest is focused on the knitting spool. You could win up to $500 in Soft Flex Bucks!

Soft Flex® Company is looking for jewelry and accessory designs using
a Knitting Spool with Soft Flex® Beading Wire or Soft Flex® Craft Wire.
  • Design entries must include one of Soft Flex® brands of flexible beading wire
    or Soft Flex® craft wire.
    You may use any color, diameter or gauge in your design.
  • Some portion of the design must be knitted on a knitting spool.
  • Any accessory is allowed (necklace, bracelet, earrings, brooch, purse, hair, ect).
  • There is no limit to the number of designs that you may enter. 
  • We encourage you to use beads and findings from your local bead shop. Find a bead store near you.

Prizes Include:
GRAND PRIZE: $500 Gift Certificate
Runner Up: $250 Gift Certificate
Honorable Mention: $100 Gift Certificate
TOP 10 WINNERS: Free 30ft spool of their choice

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