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Oh my, I am crazy about the neon colors that I am seeing everywhere. In particular, my love of yellow has deepened to an all time high. Neon yellow is awesome! A small pop of neon looks so chic. Check out this design from Fusion Beads.

And they are perfect for color blocking, a second fun fashion trend. Check out this design from Fusion Beads.

So......if you haven't checked out the Swarovski Neon Pearls yet, I highly suggest that you rush on over to Fusion Beads and buy some beads. While you are there, consider how you might incorporate Soft Flex Beading Wire into your design. We have some very bright and muted colors that would pair well within this fun fashion trend.

And, if you still aren't quite sure how to use the wire as a component in your design instead of just as a supply, please check out my book Show Your Colors!

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