Spotlight on.... Simplifying by Charlene Gary

12:30 PM

by Charlene Gary
When I recently moved rooms in my house so I could have my own studio space, I discovered how much stuff I have. I had paint samples and small craft brushes; I had fabric swatches and more sewing needles than I knew what to do with. I had mailing envelopes, small boxes for shipping, and all different colors of tissue paper. PVC pipes to use for wire wrapping, in all different widths, and of course tools; lots of of tools. All this stuff gave me pause to wonder, what was I doing with all of it? What was I going to do with all of it? Was I really going to get around to using all those small fabric swatches and tiny seed beads? And why were my mailing envelopes stuck at the back of the closet making it difficult to get to? And my tools definitely needed to be moved to be close at hand. With all this stuff, I realized how inefficiently I was working.
Designer - Lei Florentino
Bead Seller - String Bead

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