How To Use 3 Important Beading Tools

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Here are a few action shots of some of my favorite pliers. Don't miss this opportunity to add to your toolbox!

Metal Punch Pliers are a perfect enhancement to your tool collection. If you love to design earrings or want to add beaded dangles, they will make it easy. The hole punch pliers are strong enough to punch copper or silver as thick as 18 gauge. Want an easy design idea? Check out our chain. Simply take the links apart, pick out your favorite link and use the Metal Punch Pliers to punch a hole. Connect an ear wire and you have a wonderful new piece of jewelry. This tool is manufactured in Taiwan. These pliers are constructed of thick carbon steel with plastic ergonomic handles and come with an extra replaceable pin.


This is a must have tool for anyone who wire wraps and designs using Soft Flex Craft Wire. Due to the nylon jaws, the wire is less likely to be scratched or marred while being worked on. Also great to recycle and straighten wire! Replacement jaws are also available. This tool is manufactured in Pakistan. These pliers are constructed of stainless steel with comfort grips. This tool features a box joint. 


Split Ring Pliers were specifically designed for easily opening split rings. Just put the tooth between the two over lapping rings of the split ring and squeeze. The split ring should pop open and be ready to use. These are also great for opening key chains! This tool is manufactured in Taiwan. These pliers are constructed of steel with plastic ergomonic handles. They have a lap-joint.

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