Spotlight on... Budgeting Time by Charlene Gary

10:07 AM

Budgeting Time
by Charlene Gary 

As you may know, I've finally moved into my own studio room after sharing the "man room" with my husband. I'm so glad to have my own space and room to stretch out. I've cleaned and purged, organized and set up, and started working on projects. Now I'm finding I need to budget my time a little better. I've painted the door to the room with IdeaPaint, an awesome product that turns any surface into a marker board, and have started scribbling. So now I have ideas floating all over the board, tools at the ready, materials in place, and I go to sit down - and draw a blank. I feel so silly! I know I have stuff to work on, a timeline, an agenda, things to complete, but I need more structure. I remember going to jewelry school and one of the things that we were asked to do is make up a daily work schedule.
Article - Budgeting Time by Charlene Gary
Color by Margie Deeb - Beauty, Innovation, and Permanence: Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry
Designer - Dagmar Mildes
Book - Beautiful Beaded Ropes by Jill Wiseman
Local Bead Group - Chicago Craft Mafia (CCM)
Bead Seller - Ubeadquitous

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