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DIY Modern Ear Wires 3 + WigJig Coupon

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This week, I shared this modern ear wire design and this slightly larger, curvier design and today, I have one last style to show you, it is simple, large and organic shape and may just be my favorite of three. By the way, how adorable are these bumpy beads by Jennifer Wilson? I think they are so awesome and they make me happy whenever I wear them.

Nylon Tip Hammer or Rubber Mallet
Cup Bur or Metal File

Cut two 5" pieces of  20 Gauge Pewter Soft Flex Craft Wire. Use the Nylon Jaw Pliers to straighten your wire piece. Place the 1.5" peg from the WigJig Premium Peg Set on the WigJig Olympus Lite. Wrap the two pieces of wire around the peg together evenly.    

Remove your shaped wire and hold the two pieces in your hand, line the shapes up so they are parallel to each other and trim away excess wire on each side so, that both wire shapes are equal in size.While holding both wires, take your flat or round nose pliers and place it in the center of the two wires. Fold the wires down to create a leaf shape.

Use your round nose pliers to create a loop on the two wires while holding them together. Then on the opposite side cut the wire shorter right about where the top of the loop sits. File the ends of the wire with a Cup Bur or a metal file.


To harden the ear wire so that it will stand up to wear, place it on a hard flat surface or Rubber Block and whack it a few times on both sides with a Nylon Tip Hammer or rubber mallet. If necessary, polish the ear wires using a polishing cloth.

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