What are you most grateful for in 2012?

11:14 AM

Cookie, cookie, cookie....!

It is hard to believe that the holidays are upon us again. It is a great time of year to reflect and be appreciative for the many blessings that we have received. As you know, we lost Honey last January. It was heart breaking to lose my daily companion. She saw me through thick and thin, good and bad, happy and sad.

 Decorating his first Christmas Tree

Shortly after, I found Halo at a local animal shelter. He has filled our home with renewed happiness and joy. As we round out the year and he shares his first holiday season in our home, I am grateful to have him in our family.

 Wondering what is in his stocking!

What are you grateful for this year? Do you have a new addition to your family? Did you start a new job or move into a new home? Regardless of what it is, I hope that this blog post will inspire you to take the time to recognize and celebrate your gratitude.

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  1. Halo is a beautiful boy, he's so lucky to have a wonderful home for the holidays! Merry Christmas to you :)

    p.s. yikes, took me 3 tries with your word verification to leave my comment!


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