Spotlight on.... Lima Beads

12:00 PM

Bead Blowout - 60% Off Entire Collection

9:00 AM

Behind the Scenes at Jewel School

12:29 PM

24 Hour Cyber Monday Sale - 30% off Soft Flex and Soft Touch Wire in Satin Silver!

10:17 AM

Tune Into Jewel School Right Now!

7:00 AM

DIY: Free Beaded Holiday Ornament Using Bead Wire Pattern

7:00 AM

Jewel School Tomorrow on JTV

9:00 AM

Fashion Trends

9:30 AM
Kristen Fagan

Color Inspiration by Kristen Fagan

1:00 PM
Kristen Fagan

DIY Modern Ear Wires 3 + WigJig Coupon

1:00 PM

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