Use Soft Touch .010 Very Fine As Warp Threads On A Loom

9:00 AM

The warp threads in the bracelet shown above are Soft Touch .010 Very Fine. Mirrix Tapestry and Bead Looms offers a wonderful class on Craftsy showing this technique in Lesson 6. I have fallen completely in love with my loom and am convinced that I need a bigger size with a kickstand now! Who knew that bead weaving on a loom could be so much fun and when you use Soft Touch for your warp threads, you are building something that will last! Very exciting!

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1 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Patricia A PaolaApril 3, 2013 at 7:25 PM

    I love the thought of using an everlasting base component since so much time goes into making a wearable piece of art.
    Soft Touch sounds like something I would like to try.
    Thanks for the post.


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