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Easy Beading Vol. 9 From The Publisher Of Bead Style Magazine

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from the Publisher of Bead Style Magazine
I freely admit that I am biased when it comes to this book because it showcases my necklace and bracelet designs from the July 2012 issue. This book contains "The best projects from the ninth year of Bead Style magazine." This book features some of my favorite designers: Ute Bernsen, Lorelei Eurto, Naomi Fujimoto, Cathy Jakicic, Jane Konkel, Irina Miech, Sara Molina, Becky Nunn, Traci Otte, Kate Richbourg, Andrew Thornton, Susan Sladcik Wilson, Julie Young and so many more. 
From the back cover, "With more than 80 of the best projects taken from the ninth year of Bead Style magazine, Easy Beading Vol. 9 is jam-packed with stylish pieces-no matter your skill level."
In this book, you'll find:
Hundreds of step-by-step instructions with photos
Complete guide to tools and supplies
Designer notes
Alternate ideas to help make a design your own.
Construction tips 
You can find my projects on pages 78-81. Here are the designs that you will find!

You can buy this book from Kalmbach Books!

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  1. I love the Easy Beading series of books! Great pictures and instructions. Congrats on getting your work published. I hope to get my work published someday!


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