The Florida Glass Dragons

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Florida Glass Dragons

The mission of the Florida Glass Dragons is to promote the diverse art of glass beadmaking and glass working techniques; to be socially responsible through support of worthy causes; to provide a nurturing environment to all members; and foremost, to have a good time together through our common passion for glass.

More About the Florida Glass Dragons

The Florida Glass Dragons is a non-profit corporation organized under the “Florida Not For Profit Corporation Act”, Chapter 617, Florida Statutes. Florida Glass Dragons is a local chapter of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers, (aka ISGB). The objectives of the organization include the following: to promote the art of glass bead making and glass working techniques; educational initiatives on historical and contemporary techniques and trends including the promotion of studio safety; to support worthy causes; to provide an enjoyable environment in which to share our common passion for glass. Funding is provided by membership fees, fundraising and donations. Benefits of membership include participation in and advance notice of classes with top instructors, participation in bead challenges, drawing prizes and raffles, demos by members and guest artists, special events throughout the year, and fun and fellowship with other glass bead makers and glass workers.

Meetings are the 2nd Saturday of the month

For information on joining the Florida Glass Dragons – please visit this link:

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