Designer Diane Zigabarra Showcases Soft Flex In Bead Trends Design

9:00 AM

Bead Trends magazine
July issue

My friend Diane Zigabarra used Soft Flex Beading Wire in a design that has been recently published. I love that she exposed the wire in a totally new and unique way. Although I often use the gemstone colors, you can expose the wire in so much more of a subtle way when you choose a metallic color - brass, bronze, copper, gold, silver or champagne.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Very nice, love the design and the use if those gemstones! I'm guessing they're Amazonite? I love the small smoky quartz beads too, is that what they are? If so, what shape are they, I can't quite tell, lol...nonetheless, they're a great choice for the design! I do have to say, one of my favorite gemstones is Amazonite.It just lends itself to a myriad of so many designs and color palettes. Great job though, really pretty!!

  2. Great design Diane! Love the texture those little loops of wire add.


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