Universal Magical Crimpers On Sale

9:00 AM

Universal Magical Crimpers are the next generation of crimping tools. If you use crimp covers to conceal a finished crimp, you will love the Universal Magical Crimper. The Universal Magical Crimper will turn an ordinary crimp tube into a finished, rounded, bead. A beautiful end to any design.

Here is the secret: regular crimping pliers have two holes, a crimping hole to place a divot in the crimp and a rounding hole to finish. The Universal Magical Crimpers have a single rounding hole. This hole rounds any 2x2mm tube into a rounded bead. This quick rounding method eliminates the need for a crimp cover.

Universal Magical Crimpers are for beginner beaders and seasoned artists alike. Easy to learn and quick to master. At Soft Flex Company, we always suggest using high quality wire and crimps, such as our Soft Flex Wire and our crimps (which are seamless and thick-walled). Choosing a budget wire and crimps might not have the same strength and finish. 

Coupon excludes Extreme Wire. Offer is not valid with any other discounts. If your purchase qualifies for two or more discounts, you will receive the best discount, but not a combination. Coupon for retail and wholesale designers only. Coupon ends at 11:59 pm PT on 10/16/2013.

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