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Free Project Idea - Be My Earrings For Valentine's Day

11:54 AM

On Jewel School, Kim referred to these earrings several times, and I planned to show how to make them on air. Unfortunately, we ran out of time. So here are the instructions for those of you that were interested in making a pair. 

3mm x 3mm Sterling Silver Crimp Tubes - 4 crimps
Sterling Silver Heart Ear Wires - 1 pair


Cut 4 five inch lengths of wire in each of the 3 colors. Arrange the wires into 4 piles containing 1 strand of each color. Choose 2 piles of wire and set the other 2 piles aside.

Hold all 6 wire ends together and use them to string 1 crimp tube. Adjust the wires and crimp about 1 ½ inches from the end. Trim 5 of the 6 wires at the crimp.

Bend 3 wires to the left and 3 wires to the right to create the heart shape. Use 3 of the wires to string 1 ear wire.

Use all 6 wire ends and the uncut strand from Step 2 to string 1 crimp tube. Adjust the crimp so that there is about 2 ½ inches of wire on each side of the heart and the one strand in the middle is about 1 inch. Crimp the crimp tube and trim the excess wire.

Repeat Steps 2-4 for a second earring.

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