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Soft Flex Beading Wire On A Loom - Free Project Idea

9:00 AM

Here is another wonderful way that you can use Soft Flex Beading Wire - on a loom! I used Soft Flex in .019 as the warp threads to make this fabulous pair of earrings. These earrings can be easily made in one sitting and look far more complicated than they are. In other words, no matter your skill level, you can make these earrings too! 

C-lon Size D – 64 inches
8/0 Seed Beads –  about 144 beads
3x3mm CrimpTubes – 2 tubes
4mm CrimpCovers – 2 covers
Ear wires – 2 wires

8 S-Hooks for no warp
2 32” Teslov Cords
2 Loom Pegs
Seed Bead Triangle Dish
Beading Needle


1. Make sure each Teslov cord is about the same length. Wrap a cord around the loom (which should be on its smallest setting) from top to bottom. The cord is like a ladder with evenly spaced holes. Push a loom peg into a hole in each side of the cord to hold the cord in place. It does not have to be tight but should not have a lot of slack. Repeat this with the second cord, making sure that it is even with the first. Move the loom pegs to the top of the loom so that they are out of the way. 

2. Stick the ends of the top bar through a loop in each of the cords.  The bar should be an equal distance from the top of the loom on either side.

3. Stick the ends of the bottom bar through a loop in each of the cords. The bar should be an equal distance from the bottom of the loom on either side. In my example, the bottom bar was 10 holes down from the top, a distance of about 4.25” when stretched out. 

4. Slide 4 S-Hooks on each bar with the opening facing you. 

5. We will create 3 warp threads for each earring. Clip a bead stopper about 2 1/2” from the end of a 13” piece of beading wire. Thread the wire through the first S-Hook on the top of the loom until the bead stopper catches on the S-Hook. Feed the wire down and up the loom looping into each S-Hook, using only mild tension. On the last S-Hook, clip a bead stopper to hold the wire in place. Use the loom screws to tighten the tension. 

6. Repeat on the other side for a second earring.

7. Using about 32” of thread, clip the thread to the loom using a bead stopper. Thread the needle. 

8. String 2 beads on the thread. Pass the thread under the warps and pop each bead into a slot. Use your finger to hold the beads in place between the warps and then pass the thread through each bead on top of the warps. Slide the seed beads as far down as they go.

9.  Continue adding beads two at a time until you have filled in the entire earring – about 26 sets of 2.



10. On both ends, feed the thread back into the beading – knotting several times around a warp thread before trimming.

11. Repeat Steps 7-10 to create a second earring.

12. Release the tension on the loom and take the beadwork off of the S-Hooks. Release all bead stoppers. Adjust the beads to fit more evenly over the warp threads.

13.  String a 6” piece of beading wire through the 2 beads on the end of the beadwork so that the beadwork is in the middle of the beading wire. Using both the new wire and the old wire, string 3 seed beads and a crimp tube. On the second side, string 3 seed beads and pass back through the crimp tube. Clip each wire with a bead stopper.



14. Repeat Step 12 on the second half of the earring, passing the wires into the same crimp tube as used in Step 12.


15. Using just one wire, string 8 beads. Pass the wire back through the crimp tube. Crimp and cover the tube.

16. Attach the earring wire to the top loop.

17. Repeat Steps 11-15 on the second earring.

Blog contributor Sara Oehler (the original SoftFlexGirl) is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Soft Flex Company. Find her on facebook or her blog. She'd love to hear from you! So, please feel free to leave comments or email her at

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