Sara Oehler's Latest Design In Beadwork Magazine

8:15 AM

June/July 2014

If you get a chance, please check out my latest design using Soft Flex Beading Wire on a Mirrix Loom in the current issue of Beadwork Magazine. This is my first article in Beadwork Magazine and I am so pleased by how well it turned out. By using beading wire on a loom, I was able to expose the Soft Flex and have the bracelet still keep its shape.

Earlier this week, when this article first came out, I corresponded with a customer who used a Rick's Loom to recreate this design. She said that it worked just fine too.

Here is a close up view. This super sweet bracelet won't take you long at all to create and you can use any color in 8/0 seed bead with the many colors of Soft Flex Beading Wire that are available.

Blog contributor Sara Oehler (the original SoftFlexGirl) is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Soft Flex Company. Find her on facebook or her blog. She'd love to hear from you! So, please feel free to leave comments or email her at

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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I saw it!! Congratulations :-)

  2. Thanks Kristen! Thanks Cyndi! They did a really nice job with this design. I love how they offer such clear directions and drawings.


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