The Beader's Guide To Jewelry Design By Margie Deeb

12:54 PM

by Margie Deeb

I am so thrilled that Margie Deeb included one of my bracelet and earrings design sets in her latest book - The Beader's Guide To Jewelry Design!  You can see my design featured on page 79 in reference to "The Beauty of Organic Shapes." This design shows the use of pink tourmaline colored Soft Flex Beading Wire with gemstones, crystals and cz beads. It is one of my personal favorites that I actually wear quite often. I used these beautiful carved tourmaline beads from Soft Flex Company

This book offers advice in "the fundamentals of jewelry design for bead artists." The back cover reads, "Now that you've mastered the basics of beading and enjoying bringing others' jewelry patterns to life, you're ready to take the next step: designing your own original pieces." 

I love that this book will inspire designers to create their own, unique designs. There is a time and place for learning a technique by recreating another designers piece. But at some point, each designer should make the plunge into creating one-of-a-kind work.

Chapters in this book focus on unity, focal point and emphasis,  balance, movement, shape, color, jewelry and the body, and the creative journey. I found the chapter on jewelry and the body to be most helpful. Margie Deeb shows how our bodies and clothing styles can really dictated which design will work best for us. Depending on the shape of your face can dictate which style of earrings look best on you. 

All in all, this book is another wonderful contribution to the world of beading from Margie Deeb. If you are interested in a book that will give  you inspiration but not direction for making jewelry, this book is for you and you should check it out.

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