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Project Idea Using Fancy Cones

3:41 PM

I love the sterling silver cone that I used in the above design. We are selling them in pairs and they are pretty affordable (considering their weight and size) on closeout. I actually set out to create a pair of earrings using both cones, but as I pulled them out of the package, I knew that they were a little to heavy for earrings. So, I decided to create a pendant that can hang from a long piece of beading wire. The weight is perfect for this type of necklace design. And, you get two designs from one package - perfect! One for for a friend! My favorite type of beading!

To create this design, you need a variety of materials and tools. 

15mm lava bead (bigger can work too - not much smaller)
10mm crystal - black

I hope that you enjoy this idea and make it your own. This sort of design is great for summer when I don't like to have a lot of beads up and around my neck. I like to keep it light!

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