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Book Review - Create Three Dimensional Jewelry By Heather DeSimone

9:00 AM

by Heather DeSimone

"21 creative, colorful, and stylish jewelry projects." 

"Combine stitching, embellishing, layering and riveting."

I love step-by-step photos. I've never been one to read instructions. The step-by-step photos in this book seem very clear and of good quality. Techniques include: layering, riveting, embellishing, stamping metal, bead stitching, knotting and wire wrapping loops. 

Heather DeSimone has a very unique and admirable sense of style. I appreciated her artist disclaimer about not being overly meticulous. This is something that I can relate to. I also enjoyed learning more about how she got involved in vintage plastics. She has some amazing beads!

If you want a book that will encourage you to try many different techniques to make your own unique jewelry, I think that you will thoroughly enjoy this book. You can simply recreate the projects in the book or take them in a new direction using beads from your own bead stash. Many of the techniques are universal for modern day jewelry design.

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