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Keep It simple - Weave A Wire Chain

5:33 PM

I chose the Tranquility Trio and then Green Turquoise in addition. Since I didn't have 8 spools, I cut two lengths of about 3 feet in each color and spooled them up on bobbins. I used the new Double Density Kumihimo Disk as it is far less flimsy than the original foam boards.

I used a Tesori Trovati owl pendant with this necklace.

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5 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. How did you do the ends? I made the flat braid kumihimo bracelet so I'm familiar with it, but I'm just wondering how you did it before I go trying it. I don't have a ton of beading wire right now.

  2. I used 3x3mm crimp tubes and a Mighty Crimping Pliers to attach to a clasp. You will want a clasp that 8 strands can fit through easily. So, it needs to have a bigger attachment ring.

  3. So did you run 16 strands thru the 3x3 crimp?

  4. I don't know if my last reply went through or not. But I'm wondering if you mean that you passed 16 strands through a 3x3mm crimp tube to make a loop on the ends. I tried making mine and gluing the ends into cones and attaching a clasp to it. I hope it will hold, but I might try it the way you're describing if I can understand it better.

  5. Yes, I passed all 8 strands through the 3x3 crimp twice.


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