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DIY: Free Beaded Holiday Wire Tree Ornament Pattern

3:00 PM

For several years, I have been creating a new Christmas tree ornament (sometimes a few) in the shape of an actual Christmas tree. I love how this one turned out and it will be quick and easy to replicate.

15/0 transparent mint AB round Japanese seed beads- 60
4mm chrysolite opal Swarovski crystal beads - 2
6mm chrysolite opal Swarovski crystal beads -6
8mm chrysolite opal Swarovski crystal beads - 2


1. First, I like to run my nylon jaw pliers over the craft wire to start working the wire to make it more stiff but also to get rid of any bends or kinks as it comes off of the spool. Place the pegs in your WigJig as shown above. Using 4 inches of craft wire, make a loop with round nose pliers. Place the loop on a small metal peg. Guide the wire around the super peg as you spin the WigJig. When you turn the jig and guide the wire, the jig will make lovely and fluid lines that can be repeated time and time again. Finish the shape by guiding the wire around the other small metal peg.

2. Don't forget the importance of work hardening a design after you pop it off of the WigJig. Work hardening your wire actually changes the molecular structure inside the wire. It is the process of manipulating the wire to lock in the design and stiffen the wire so that your design will stay in place. To use the wire whacker, lay your design flat on one of the nylon slabs. Use the other to whack the design 3-4 times. Sound silly? It totally works and makes work hardening quick and easy!

3. Using 8 inches of beading wire, string one crimp tube. Pass the wire back through the tube and snug it to the middle of the wire to create a small loop. Crimp the tube and cover it with a crimp cover.

4. Using one wire, string ten seed beads, a 4mm bead, five seed beads, a 6mm bead, five seed beads, a 6mm bead, five seed beads, a 6mm bead, five seed beads, an 8mm bead, a crimp tube and one ring on the WigJig component. Pass the wire back through the tube and crimp. Cover it with a crimp cover.

5. Using the second wire to repeat Step 4.

6. Attach an ornament hook to the top. You can make that yourself too - click for instructions.

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