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Tutorial Tuesday - Crystal Squaredelle Dangle Earrings

4:16 PM

I had some light sapphire blue crystal squaredelle spacer beads leftover from my last Tutorial Tuesday post and wanted to try using them in a non-traditional way. This ladder stitch design worked perfectly and the gold plated spacer beads paired beautifully with Soft Flex Extreme 245K Gold Plated Beading Wire. I love the modern design of these earrings and the crystals add just the right touch of sparkle.

If you would like a more affordable gold color beading wire alternative, substitute Pro Econoflex Wire in Gold Color instead.



1. Cut two 6" strands of beading wire.

2. String one crystal squaredelle and pass the wire back through the bead creating a loop. Pull the wire tight until you have a small circular loop. This loop will ultimately attach to your ear wire. 


3. String each end of the wire through the next squaredelle bead in opposite directions creating a your first link.

4. Repeat step 3, three more times for a total of five squaredelles.

5. String one crimp tube onto both wire ends. Crimp tube with regular crimping pliers (or magical crimping pliers) and trim the excess wire.

Click for crimping instructions.


6. Using chain nose pliers twist the loop on the ear wire open, attach to the looped wire end of the earring and twist the ear wire loop closed.

Kristen Fagan is a multi-passionate creative and a graphic designer for Soft Flex Company.
Her favorite stone is Turquoise and she can't bead without Bead Stoppers. Learn more about Kristen and her creative passions online at  You may write to her at

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