Bookmark Collector

11:20 AM

It fascinates me how many different hobbies people have, hobbies that I sometimes don't even think of as hobbies until I stumble across them. Today, I found the Bookmark Collector blog and found that it lists my free project idea for making a book mark. Whoa, news travels fast! I love bookmarks - maybe I should stop by this blog more often.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Cool!! Funny how much alike we seem to be...I love bookmarks too for some reason! Maybe because I love to read and have a million books "going" at the same time so I have to mark the pages!

  2. Mary, are you on goodreads? If not and you love to read, you should get on goodreads. It is wonderful!

    My Mom says that when I turned one, I had all sorts of toys, but the only present that really interested me was a pile of books that she had gotten me. Apparently, I went through each page carefully and was just delighted by each book. My love for books has only grown.


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