Big Giveaway for Blogger Buddies!

10:12 AM

Giveaway prize includes:
3 FREE Trios of your choice!
That's right ANY 3 Trios. You choose the colors!
Total retail value = $50.85-$71.85

Here's what you gotta do:

Help us get the word out about our new contest.

To enter to win, please blog about our new "Flex your Creativity" Beading Contest.

For your convenience - Right click, Save & Post picture:

(link to:

Feel free to expand and say more if you like. The only big rule is that it must link to the details page on our website for your fellow designers to find out more.

In addition, if you use the fancy artwork that Kristen created in your sidebar, I will enter you again. 2 entries!

Grab the html code for the button artwork and display it on your blog at the bottom of the contest page.

Then, leave me a comment with a link to your blog! I will enter you to win 3 FREE Trios in your choice of color combination! If you blog about it more than once, let me know. I'll enter you as many times as you mention and link to the details page.

All entries (comments) for this giveaway must be posted by July 1st, 2009.

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20 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. When you say "Save/Post details:" does that mean it's ok to copy below that and paste on my blog? How about linking to the pictures - should we save them to our own galleries or is hot-linking ok?

    I'm going to put this up for tomorrow (tonight's post is done and "reserved") but want to know what's ok or not to do.

  2. Any pictures or text from our website is a-okay to use. Hot linking is fine as well. Maybe I'll edit the post so that it is more clear! :)

  3. I blogged and posted the "button" in my sidebar.

    Didn't know about the color trios and I have enough wire for now.

    Great idea!

    Linda B

  4. Oh that Jennifer Worick is too good to be true:
    And she named Soft Flex as her fave beading wire! YAY!

  5. And Tammy Powely at you rock too!

  6. Jewelry&Beading has gotcha covered :-)

  7. Got you posted!!!!

  8. Hi Sara,
    I posted the contest on our blog. Had a hard time - please let me know if it looks ok! What a great idea!

  9. Post about contest is up on my blog now. I also mentioned it on Facebook and Twitter and put the button on my sidebar.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway chance!

  10. Yay Jean!

  11. I just posted about the contest here:

    I also have a banner at the bottom of the blog.


  12. Love this idea! Thanks for the info and the posting tools you provided.

  13. I've posted the info to our Bead Society blog:

    If we win, we'll put the materials toward our annual end-of-year community service project(s). Thanks!

  14. Hola! Here's the link to my post about the competition:

    I have love in my heart for the new Trio sets!

    OH! And I added the button on my sidebar for more Soft Flex loving.

  15. Jean Campbell, thank you for the post: We are lucky to have friends such as you.

    Thank you to everyone else that has posted. I'm a busy bee, at work in Sonoma. So, I haven't been as vocal online as usual. I'll be back up and talking tomorrow. I fly home tonight....

    I appreciate all of your help getting the word out. If you can think of any friends with blogs that might like to help too, please pass the link to this post along to them! :)

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  16. I mentioned the beading contest in my blog the other week when writing about designing with beading wire:

    Also mentioned it at a couple of forums over here.

  17. Thank you YankeeGirl20 on twitter for retweeting our contest so often. Consider your entry to win my blog giveaway cast. :)

  18. A big thank you to Andrew Thornton for linking to our beading contest from his blog:!


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