In honor of upcoming earth day...

6:11 PM

I was listening to NPR this evening on my way to pick up Josh's and my dinner from my favorite restaurant, Pita Jungle (mmmmm - chicken shawarma). I heard some good advice that I thought I'd pass along.

You can make a difference with cell phone recycling. Help our environment and the planet. Help a charity and a person in need.
Hundreds of millions of used cell phones are taken out of service each year around the world as new innovations reach the marketplace.

One in three Americans will replace their cell phones this year, adding to the 500 million unused phones currently waiting to be discarded or recycled.
Cell phone recycling and wireless recycling programs keep valuable materials out of landfills, including an estimated $630,000 of precious metals from circuit boards, and enough copper from phone chargers to recover the Statue of Liberty, twice.
I also listened to a short snippet about a documentary called "Fuel". It sounds enlightening. It isn't available in Phoenix yet, but I look forward to catching it at some point.
Earth day is April 22nd. Learn more about Earth day by visiting I need an earth day necklace now, I better get busy.

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