John Bead in Toronoto

10:53 AM

Hello! I'm off to Toronto. I'm actually waiting at my gate right now. I will be demo-ing all of our fun new products at John Bead.

The following suppliers will be attending:

  • Tierra Cast
  • Soft Flex Company (ME!)
  • Unicorne Beads
  • Jablonex

Customers who come into the John Bead Showroom on these two days and spend $800 or more will receive a $100 coupon that may be used towards future purchases!

Guest Speaker Douglas Ho will discuss How to Operate a Bead Business and make money in this Economy (Duration 30mins), Available: Fri May 8th 10am-2pm or Sat May 9th 10am-2pm.

I hope to get over to the CN Building for the first. It is either the tallest or one of the tallest buildings in North America. I hear that it has a glass floor, so you can look straight down. Scary! If I can jump out of a plane - I think I can handle the glass floor. We'll see!

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1 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I know you have heard this a million times and I've said it a few, I LOVE YOUR JOB!! I know you must know you have such a cool job! I realize from reading your posts, there are sacrifices, but in the future when you get to middle age, I know you will be so happy and proud of all your travels and accomplishments! (I know, the envy is coming through a bit). Take care, Lisa C.,


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