Landed safely in Toronto...

7:03 PM

I'm heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!

So Beautiful! Spring in Toronto, I'm like it!
The concierge told me that this is a crab apple tree. I grew up with these in Montana, but I haven't seen one blooming in years. Really, really, really pretty.

Canadian geese friends!

My view from my hotel room - downtown Toronto! So NICE!

Now if I can only wake up and be to John Bead by 8am (5am PST time) - ugh! That means I have to get up at like 3:30am PST...double ugh, ugh!

See what my friends are up to this week:

Jamie Hogsett's feet got all beat up and now she needs a pedicure.

Kristen Fagan shares with you the delicate glass and crystal Rosary she made and how you can create one of your own.

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