Dawno reviews Trios

3:25 PM

Dawno is a blog partner of Rings & Things. She recently received a Trio package to test. Check out her assessment on her blog. :)

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4 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Thank you Sara! I wore the necklace today to work, lots of great compliments - they loved the fun colors.

  2. Those Trios collections sure are pretty! Like what Dawno made with them. Having the three colors really adds to the interest of the beads!

  3. I know. I've been comparing it to home decor. If you just use turquoise in your living room, it is going to feel and look entirely different than if you infuse bone and yellow in with the turquoise. It creates an entirely different and new feeling. We fully intended for all 3 colors to be used together as a color palette when we created the Trios. Complimentary colors that you might not think to put together. :)


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