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Those crazy Soft Flex'ers

8:34 PM

bMost of us made it to Milwaukee safe and sound. The 2 New Mexicans are still working their way here. Did you know that about 1/3 of the Soft Flex staff (including me) telecommute from Arizona, New Mexico & Colorado. Yep, it's true! We do. Anyway, the rest of us enjoyed dinner at the Rock Bottom Brewery by the river. We had a beautiful window view.

Christopher & Scott

JoAnn and the beautiful view

Jamie & Thomas

Mike and his son Christopher

Brian was with us too, but my flash turned him into a bright white ghost. I cropped him out so that he would not blind you - sorry B! We're just one big happy family. Always quick to have a good laugh!

Tomorrow is set up for the 2009 Bead & Button Show. Woohoo!

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