bead show

Day 3 - London (start of show)

12:50 PM

Well today was a full day of work. Mike, Scott & I had our hands full in showing and explaining our products. Many customers had definitely used our products and were very excited to see us in the UK and to meet Mike & Scott in person. Sometimes I take for granted that I get to spend all day long with the two that created the first knot tying stainless steel wire. Before they came along, there was only tiger tail (ewwww). They really changed the way that beading is being done all over the world today with the invention of 21 & 49 stranded steel for beading. Anyway, we drew a nice crowd all day long. The sales team at HS Walsh were quite hospitable. I absolutely love the accents. Walking home, I mentioned to Scott and Mike that I don't think that I helped a single American today. That was sort of a strange feeling. We had huge dinners at the pizzeria down the street, ordering entire pizzas by accident per person. We assumed that they were personal size - but not true, they were each huge. Thankfully we have a fridge in our flat for the leftovers. Here are a few photos from today. I was so busy that I hardly had time to take many photos.

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  1. Glad the show is going well! Looks like Mike had quite the fan club. Dad was reminding me about the the huge crowds Mike had surrounding him when they were both at the Bead Show in Japan a couple years ago.

    Great pics - keep having fun (and don't trip anymore)


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