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3:00 PM

I opened up my mailbox to find 2 new books from Interweave this week. Books are a constant source of inspiration for me. I look forward to reviewing both for the Soft Flex Spotlight!

"Seed Bead Fusion"
by Rachel Nelson-Smith
$16.47 on Amazon

"The Encyclopedia of Comtemporary Jewelry Making Techniques"
by Vannetta Seecharran
$17.79 on Amazon

I have two books that I look forward to owning in the future. I love the work of Cynthia Thornton, Melinda Barta & Danielle Fox. All 3 designers have an eye for detail. Cynthia is the owner of Green Girl Studios. Danielle Fox is the editor for Stringing Magazine & Melinda Barta is the editor for Beadwork Magazine.

"Enchanted Adornments"
by Cynthia Thornton
$16.47 on Amazon
Not realeased yet, but I think it comes out in November.

"Mixed Metals"
by Melinda Barta & Danielle Fox
$15.62 on Amazon

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