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We have so many great tools on our website. It is flabbergasting at times. So I thought that I would walk through some of the best places to look for advice, inspiration and information about beading.

The most used feature on our website is by far our Bead Store Finder. Finding a local bead store near you has never been easier. Simply put in your zip code, click to search and find your local bead store.

Most of our best features have a home in the Soft Flex School of Design.

Spotlight on... was started in 2005 and gets updated monthly with a new article, book review, designer feature, bead store feature, color inspiration by Margie Deeb & free printable art created by our very own web graphic designer Kristen Fagan.

To see October 2009, click here.

Article Archives
Color Archives
Designer Archives
Book Archives
Store Archives
Free Art & Printables

Tips and Tricks covers a variety of subject matter. We've broken it down into 4 main categories.

(beading wire info, stringing, crimping, knotting, etc)
Wire Work
(craft wire info, connectors, dangles, knitting spools, wigjigs, etc)
Reference Materials
(charts, bead shapes, bead sizes, birth stones, wire gauges, etc)

I love, love, love the Fashion Trends Section. We just started it and look forward to updating it from time time. It shows some affordable and hip fashion mixed with our free project ideas.

Free Art & Printables is another area that gets updated every single month. We offer artwork for your desktop, bookmarks, design cards and, gift tags. Kristen Fagan is the designer and although I am fairly biased as a friend and co-worker, I think she does an amazing job.

Desktop Wallpaper
Free Bookmarks
Free Design Cards
Free Gift Tags

Another area with heavy traffic is our Free Beading Project Ideas. Who doesn't love inspiration? We try to offer project ideas that aren't your typical design. We work to think outside of the box and offer things that are new or different. It is more fun for us and for you!
Men's Jewelry
Home Accents & Crafts

We were proud to be the first beading wire manufacturer to Go Green! We offer tips for everyday ways you can start go green too. It is an ongoing process for each and every one of us, but if we can contribute step-by-step together, we will make the world a little better.


And of course, you can always "Ask Sara". Yep, that's me. You can ask me any of your beading questions, 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Just drop me an email.

If you need immediate attention or just want to chat, between the hours of 9am-4pm (PST), you can click to talk to a live customer service rep on our Free Live Chat. This is available on any School of Design page, top left corner.

And of course you can find us on:
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So the question is, what don't we offer that you want? Are we missing an online feature that you would love to see us offer?

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4 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I guess I had not spent enough time on your site. I had no idea there were so many cool resources! Thanks for letting us know about them. Will definitely let others know about this!

  2. I think that our website definitely has a lot to offer...and definitely more than most designers think. I hope you enjoy your upcoming visits.

    Drop me an email if you are looking for something particular and having trouble find it. :)

  3. you are a one stop shop online for all things beading!


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