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A Winning Day at the Show

1:27 PM

Guest Blogger: Cynthia Markson
of Malachite Moon Jewelry
A Winning Day at the Show

It is funny how the universe works. I'm a massage therapist working at The Garden Spa at MacArthur Place (Sonoma) when I saw your show was coming up I was bummed because I work on the weekends and didn't think I would have an opportunity to attend. So that Sunday, I had two cancellations in a row, which gave me close to two hours to get there, see everything and get back to work. So I set my cell phone to alert me to leave the show in time, rushed down to the Vets building where the show was being held and proceeded to fall in love with beading again.

I left before I could purchase anything because there was just so much to see and my time was short. Now here's where the universe stepped in. I grabbed a quick lunch at Broadway Market (best cheap sandwiches in Sonoma) on my way back to work and bought a lottery scratch off ticket saying out loud that if I won any money (which rarely ever happened!) I would go back and spend it at the show if my schedule could be changed so I could get there before closing.

And then it happened. I won $60! Which of course was the largest amount I ever won, and thanks to the universe working, my last appointment of the day cancelled and I was free to get to the show before it closed and spend my winnings and start my jewelry design career.

Because of that show in August of '08 I have since made and sold a number of pieces at the spa where I work, a gallery on the Plaza called Artifax, and to people directly that I come in contact with (even at my bank one of the tellers had to have a necklace I made). My favorite moment so far was when an 80 year old woman went to Artifax, saw my piece called "Blue Nile" and decided she had to have it. That made me so proud.

I create necklaces using stones and crystals for their various healing properties so you feel good while you look good. I buy most of my stones and Soft Flex wire and findings from Sonoma Rock and Minerals (just off the Plaza) and am so happy making jewelry that sometimes I'm at it till three in the morning! The creative force is strong and the Soft Flex wire and findings makes it so easy to work with that time really does fly when I'm having fun!

So that's my story and I'm so happy your company held that show because that is where it began. Thanks for letting me share this with you.

Cynthia Markson is a Soft Flex customer. She can be reached at

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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. What a great story! It's a nice reminder that the universe works in mysterious (but wonderful) ways.

  2. I know! She emailed me and I just couldn't help but ask her to share. Nice to see your name in my inbox, Melissa! :)

  3. Nice message from guest blogger:

    Hi Sara,

    Thanks so much for this! I hope it inspires more people to "go beading" and use your products. They really make a difference in being able to work with big stones to create statement pieces that are in right now. The heavy wire is great because the necklaces look heavy but when you put them on they feel so light and comforting that you can wear them all day. It's all about the wire and the crimps from Soft Flex!

    Again, thanks so much for letting me blog!
    Cynthia M.


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