Breast Cancer Awareness Month

2:15 PM

Last time this year, I was working hard to build up my stamina for the Breast Cancer 3day. It was my second time attending the event and by all means the more painful of the two. I am still wondering whether I will embrace this experience again for 2010. I'd like to think that I will be up to the challenge, in a new location....Chicago perhaps. I'm still not on board quite yet, but I highly suggest the 60 mile road to anyone that is thinking about it. Both walks in Phoenix and San Diego were unforgettable. In fact, my aunt (on the far right) enjoyed it so much that she is going back to San Diego again this year. Donate to Heather Dworshak! Hats off to her. I might have to drive over and cheer! :)

So, have you noticed how pink the month of October has become? I was watching football (not really by choice, mind you) the other day and noticed the cleats, towels, hats, etc were decorated in pink. The NY Times has a nice article on how the N.F.L. is supporting breast cancer awareness month. You too can purchase N.F.L. breast cancer awareness gear. Very cool!

It is a great time to make a pink bracelet for a mom, sister or friend to sport this October. Remind them how important mammograms and early detection can be. Early detection and screening is vital. And don't forget that breast cancer does not only affect women, it affects men too. 1,910 new cases of male breast cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S. during 2009.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we decided to offer a special coupon code to our customers via email next week. The coupon code is available for 72 hours, Tues-Wed. Sign up for our e-news list if you aren't already on it.

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