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Guest Blogger:
Brian Clark

There has always been a myth that jewelry is only for women. Well, there may have been a time when the focus was on women, but more and more in today's culture, we are seeing necklaces, bracelets and even anklets made for men.

I was never one to wear more than a watch but after working for Soft Flex Company for so many years and being inspired by the many styles, colors, shapes and sizes of beads, I have come to enjoy making myself a piece now and then. The pleasure comes from there being a world of gemstones, beads & blown glass that I can use to create a design that is my very own and as unique as I care to make it.

I prefer very simple jewelry and am inspired by the places that I've visited and the colors that are unique to each location. You will note in my designs, they are quit simple but each holds a memory of the special time that I spent in a specific area.

This necklace has the colors of the Hawaiian landscape. The yellow reminds me of the bright and always shining sun. The light green is for the beautiful, lush green mountains and plant live that are so abundant on the islands. This necklace was made with simple and inexpensive Czech glass beads strung on .019 Medium Soft Flex Beading Wire. I found the perfect gaspeite clasp for my closure and secured it to the wire using the Soft Flex 2x2mm sterling silver crimp tubes.

My second necklace is fashioned from my many visits to Arizona for the Tucson Best Bead Show. I used a strand of jasper beads along with some small smokey quartz rondelles. The pendant was purchased from artist Gabriel Butcher and reminded me of the desert floor, mountains and blue sky above. The wire used is the .019 Medium Soft Flex Beading Wire. I finished it off with a beautiful spondylus clasp. The warm browns and the red tones used in this design are abundant throughout the Tucson area.

The final design is a bracelet that reminds me of a sci-fi setting. Its inspiration comes from a movie about alien life that I was watching on the sci-fi network one evening. The flying saucers were bright silver with pale blue lights, lighting up the night sky. I thought, "Wow, I like that combination a lot!" Soon, the bracelet was made. I again used some inexpensive Czech glass beads and threw in some different shaped Bali silver that I've collected over the years. This bracelet is strung on .024 Heavy Soft Touch Beading Wire, using Soft Flex 2x3mm crimp tubes to attach a simple silver clasp.

As you can tell by reading this, inspiration can come from just about anywhere. The memories of where I've be, what I've seen can come to life. My designs are here for me to wear and share. Soft Flex Company proudly carries many quality products from beads and gemstones to findings and tools, so you can also create your own one-of-a-kind design and wear it proudly.

More Men's Free Project Ideas! If you want to create simple and easy jewelry just like me, take a look at this Cooking Up Your First Necklace article in the Soft Flex School of Design. Good luck!

Brian Clark is the Soft Flex Company Photographer. He can be reached at

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  1. Lovely Post Brian! I enjoyed seeing your designs and how they were inspired by your experiences.


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