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Very interesting read! Beading and jewelry making continues to grow and prosper in the crafting industry.

Conducted quarterly, information is now posted on, for the 12-month period ending June 30th. This is an exclusive benefit for members, available at no additional cost, and can be accessed by entering your CHA Member ID and Password after clicking on the Research tab at the top of the website Home Page. For help with login access, email

The CHA A&U Study reports the U.S. craft industry is estimated to be $27 billion dollars, with 62 million households, or 56% of households, crafting in the past year. The A&U research provides attitudinal and behavioral information to guide decision-making, whether you are a manufacturer, designer, distributor or retailer.

The A&U results also show that heavy crafters, those completing 21+ projects, are frequently involved in jewelry-making, in addition to other craft segments. Not surprisingly, given the number of projects they complete, heavy crafters are also the biggest spenders. This group represents 28% of all crafters, yet accounts for 64% of industry sales, indexing 229 vs. the average crafter’s spending propensity.

Nine million households participate in jewelry-making, spending $1 billion dollars in the past year.
In addition, the CHA A&U Study tracks cross-participation behavior. For example, 44% of jewelry-making households also participate in scrapbooking/memory crafts.

The CHA A&U research is designed to get the craft industry looking at the bigger picture. We used jewelry-making as our prime example here, but the study tracks a variety of different craft segments within these four broad categories:
General Crafts, Needle and Sewing Crafts, Painting and Finishing Crafts, Floral Crafts.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. This is a great article and good news to hear! I have been noticing a huge growth in interest in making polymer clay beads and am excited about the future of the tutorials I teach online.

    Companies with innovative jewelry making products like yours are a perfect fit for combining with bead making and it is fantastic to know that we are both part of a growing industry rather than a dying one.

    (Besides being a great business, isn't making beads and jewelry, just so darn fun!) :-)

  2. I thought this was really nice to read too. It is fun to watch my favorite hobby grow. It also gives me a sense of job security, which in this day and age can sometimes be hard to come by. ;)


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