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Soft Touch Very Fine in Black and White

10:45 AM

Guest Blogger: Jamie Hogsett

A very fine necklace in Soft Touch Very Fine...

Here's a new four-strand necklace using Soft Touch Very Fine wire in Black and White that I was able to finish in New York. I usually don't recommend using the Very Fine for bead stringing, - it's made for bead weaving and bead crochet - but in this instance, it's more than okay. Each strand of the necklace is comprised of three strands of Very Fine braided together. Three strands of Very Fine = enough strength for stringing. One strand, not so much.

The Very Fine wire is so fine, that the three strands braided together are still thin enough to string Peruvian opal 10x5mm rondelles and 10x14mm ovals. The Peruvian opals are held in place with crimp tubes and crimp covers. Because the beads are moderately small, this necklace has a delicate look and feel to it, even with four strands.

I wore this necklace the last day of the show and it received lots of comments. I love the texture that the braiding gives the piece and the show attendees seemed to agree. Look for this necklace in the next few weeks as a free project idea in the School of Design. If you're interested in experimenting with the Very Fine, especially if you've never used this wire, I recommend using the new Trios set of Soft Touch Very Fine in Satin Silver, White, and Black. It's a great way to play around with fun new ways to use the Very Fine diameter.

Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com or via her blog at jamiehogsett.blogspot.com.

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