Flex Your Creativity Beading Contest - Voting Continues!

9:00 AM

Contest Entry by Sharon Olivia Marchant

Contest Entry by Dawn O'Bryan-Lamb

Contest Entry by Christine Maher

Contest Entry by Erin Klein

Contest Entry by Randi-Sue Deckard

Have you voted yet?
Now is your chance to help us choose the winners. You can also see some really interesting ways to use the Soft Flex Trios in your next design. The banner ads above are currently running in a few prime locations around the internet. Stay tuned for 2010 details, when you can enter to win and have your name and design posted in print and web advertising!


Don't have time for a survey, please feel free to leave your comments here on the blog. What did you like about the contest? What did you not like? Did you feel inspired seeing the entries? Do you like the concept of a live vote? I want to hear from you - anything and everything that you might like to say about it. :)

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