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Mystical Trios set, Citrine and Emerald wire in Beadwork Magazine

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Guest Blogger: Jamie Hogsett

Beadwork Magazine, December 2009-January 2010 issue

Seeing the new issue of Beadwork magazine in the mailbox was a bittersweet moment for me. I'm always happy to see a new issue and become inspired as I flip through the pages. However, I was also a little bit sad because this is the last issue of the year, and therefore my last issue as a DOY (Designer of the Year) for the magazine.

I'll admit it though, my frown turned upside down when I turned through the issue and was reminded of the fact that I have three projects in the issue. I turned everything in so long ago that I had forgotten all about them. Seeing the projects in print is a very pleasant discovery!

First off is The Challenge department. When I worked for the magazine, organizing The Challenge and making the jewelry was one of my favorite parts of the job, so I was delighted when editor Melinda Barta asked me to participate in this issue. I love the beads and findings that were contributed, especially since I love orange and green. Even cooler was the fact that the beads perfectly matched Citrine and Emerald Soft Flex Wire, so I was able to incorporate them into the braided bracelet design.

Fast and Fabulous is another one of my favorite departments in the magazine. I founded this department and was happy to pass it along to Danielle Fox. She makes such gorgeous jewelry designs. The magazine did an expanded version of F&F for the holidays and it was so kind of them to ask me to contribute. I chose to use one of my favorite Trios sets: Mystical. I used eleven colors of Swarovski crystals on the three colors (Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline, and Spinel) of Soft Flex wire. I'm still blown away by how the wire colors make the colors of the crystals seem to sparkle even more.

And last but no least, my sixth and final piece as DOY for 2009. The Interconnections necklace is mostly seed bead work, but it does use both Soft Flex Wire in Heavy and Soft Flex Craft Wire to connect the peyote-stitched links. I love the colors of this necklace. I can't wait to get it back from the magazine.

Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com or via her blog at jamiehogsett.blogspot.com.

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6 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Jamie Hogsett, you are simply fabulous!

  2. I second that emotion, Sara! You do such beautiful work, Jamie...simple, clean, modern, wearable. It's great to see you in print.

  3. Thank you Sara and Jean! You are both very sweet.

  4. It is an honor to share a page with you, Ms. Designer-of-the-Year! I'm so impressed that you used the orange. I was too scared. :)

  5. Very Nice Miss Hogsett! Im always a super of your hardwork!


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