Social Media Continues to Grow and Prosper!

9:00 AM

My little head is spinning this week with all of the possibilities!

The folks at Twitter, in their infinite wisdom, added a new feature this week that I love. You can organize the people that you follow into lists. I'm sure your thinking, how does one fall in love with a feature that is so simple? Not only was I able to organize the people that I follow, I can also access and follow other tweeters' lists as well. Check out the article below to learn more. It is a fantastic addition to a website that I really enjoy using. On Twitter, you can find me as @SoftFlexGirl & Soft Flex Company as @SoftFlexCompany! Follow us!

Twitter lists and real time journalism
Editor's note: Pete Cashmore is founder and CEO of Mashable, a popular blog about social media. He is writing a weekly column about social networking and tech for

10 ways you can use twitter lists
by Sarah Evans of Mashable

Looking for Beading and Creative Types on Twitter?
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Over at Google, they are working on the Google Wave. I watched part of a demo for it this week and was thrilled. Being that I telecommute, almost all of my communication is via email. Email can certainly use an upgrade. It felt like Google Wave was a nice mix of emails, instant messaging and google documents. SWEET!

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