The Bead Shoppe celebrates "Creativity Flexed"!

9:00 AM

Hop on over to The Bead Shoppe blog to see their entry about the Flex Your Creativity Beading Contest. Also, see 1st place winner Zoya Gutina's blog. Congrats again Zoya! I'm so glad that so many people could get involved in this process. From the stores to the bloggers to the designers to the voters and admirers, thousands of people contributed time and energy to make this contest an amazing experience. We are already discussing a new contest for 2010 that will be sure to flex your creativity again. Here are a few fun comments from facebook.

1st place winner Zoya Gutina via facebook: "Nice view! Thank you! My warmest congratulations to all winners, finalists and participants! :)"

Runner up Diana Shiraishi via facebook: "This was my first time entering something like this and I thought it was a lot of fun ~ I'm a big fan of the 'Extreme' Trios and love the color Trios too ~ great product with endless possibilities. Congratulations to everyone that entered their work!"

Beverly Thrift Kilpatrick via facebook: "beautiful stuff! Congrats to the winners!"

Jennifer Wilson via facebook: "great looking pieces!"

Diane Whiting via facebook: "Congratulations Zoya...and everyone else. Wonderful, wonderful pieces!"

Jamie North via facebook: "Congratulations to all; lovely work!"

June Cavnor Beach via facebook: "They were all so unique and beautiful! Congrats to all!"

Dawn Lamb via facebook: "Congratulations to the winners - it was a fun contest and showcased lovely work."

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