New Chain!

9:00 AM

Chain is a wonderful design element. It's simplicity allows for a wide variety of design ideas - weave ribbon through the links, add charms and dangles or simply wear it unadorned. Chain is great for chokers, bracelets, necklaces, lariats and can be worn as a single chain or doubled up for a chunkier look.

The chain we sell is designed by hand. Each link is joined individually and not machined. The personal attention to the manufacturing ensures this chain is solid and durable. The finished chain is treated with an anti-tarnish so it keeps its luster. It is available in copper, gold and silver tones.

Wear this chain as is or add a new clasp and some charms. Get creative!

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. This chain is stunning Sara! I am so surprised there are not more comments here, raving of its beauty. Maybe they left quickly to go buy some! :-)

  2. Super affordable too. I've made a few projects with it that I'll show soon.


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