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9:00 AM

by Melissa J. Lee

Happy New Year! While I enjoy my holiday season, I also like being able to look forward to 2010. The holiday accoutrements have been put away and a whole new glorious year of beading lies ahead of us. Yes!

When I heard that Soft Flex® Company would be launching new color palettes of its excellent Trios Variety Packs in 2010 based on holiday themes, I knew immediately that I wanted to profile a pack for my article this year. And what could be better than "Be My Valentine", a beautiful collection of beading wire in shades of rhodochrosite, pink tourmaline and spinel? These warm, vibrant shades make my heart go pitter-pat.

Article - In the Pink

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  2. Thank you! Even though it does take a lot of time to organize the spotlight section, it has been amazing to have contributions from many artists via their story, their stores story, articles, ideas and more. The archives are growing to be quite a vast collection of information.


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