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9:00 AM

I won't even pretend as if I was prepared to blog in Tucson.  I forgot my camera cord....although even if I had my camera cord, I've taken almost no photos.  AND even if I could upload photos, my connection at my hotel is so terrible that I'm not even sure if this blog will post or if I'll be able to add a single picture to it.  I've been up to my eye balls in things to do, people to see, places to be and beads to either sell or purchase.  It can be quite hectic.  Morning meetings, long work days and evening gatherings.  Some of the highlights were a trip to Kate McKinnon's house for a party.  The house was warm, cozy and inviting - as was the host.  I also enjoyed the Swarovski party on Friday night.  This evening, I took it easy.  Joann and I grabbed take out from Pei Wei and then hit the hot tub.  Wow - it was really nice to just relax.  I hope to get some video and pictures tomorrow and will blog upon my return.  Sorry that I'm not the best commentator this year.  It has just been too very busy to keep up.  Having said that, my friend Andrew Thornton of Green Girl Studios has posted lots and lots of great photos and commentary on his blog about Tucson.  You should run on over there to see some happy and smiley faces.  :)

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